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LightCube |Original|

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Unlike traditional light bulbs the LightCube comes with a plug that can be used in any socket without the need for a lighting fixture. It can be placed anywhere to lighten up a room in different ways.

Gesture control

The LightCube can be controlled by the use of hand gestures. Simply wave your hand in front of the LightCube to turn it On/Off. To adjust the brightness, just hold your hand in front of sensor.

Dimmable with memory

The dimming mode will be activated when your hand is placed in front of the LightCube for more than two seconds. It will remember and maintain the brightness you have set until the next time you adjust it.

Manual control

In order to prevent switching the light On/Off accidentally, press the black button on the LightCube, to switch from gesture to manual mode.


Combined with our accessories (e.g. LightStand, LightFix, LightShade), it can be used as a floor lamp, ceiling lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, spotlight etc. Anything is possible, with our specially designed mounting grooves.


LightCube is portable and rechargeable, with an internal battery that can provide several hours of continuous lighting. This comes in handy outdoor at night, in your closet or during power outages.

Compatible with wall switch

By connecting the LightCube to your existing light fixture wiring, you can control the light with your regular wall switch.



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