PowerCube |Original +switch|


10,95 € tax incl.

A single button

Our products are meant to make your life more efficient and less complicated and should take no more than a glance to figure out how to use. The PowerCube |Original +switch| and |Extended +switch| live up to this standard with their single On/Off button to power your devices on and off.

Socket multiplier

In most kitchens, countertops are covered with various appliances, from blenders to coffee makers, but lack enough outlets. With the PowerCube |Original +switch| or |Extended +switch| plugged into one socket, you gain four additional sockets. From toasters to microwaves, your kitchen will be stocked with power.


Thanks to its integrated LED-indicator you can check within a glance whether the sockets are powered or not. The indicator is hidden behind the switch, making it invisible when off.

Docking system

At the office, power outlets are almost never within reach. Often you will have to duck beneath your desk to reach for an available outlet. PowerCube |Extended +switch| versions come with a unique docking system, enabling you to mount the PowerCube on your desk or underneath it so that you can charge your notebook and smartphone right from your desktop.

Cable management

For anyone who wants to arrange their power cords neatly, the PowerCube |Extended +switch| versions include a CableFix that helps aligning the cables.

No blockage

The world would be a better, more efficient place, if the devices we use had compact plugs. Unfortunately, most of our technological accessories come with bulky adaptors that cover adjacent sockets, wasting an entire outlet, but our uniquely designed PowerCube |Original +switch| and PowerCube |Extended +switch| avoid outlet blockage, keeping things easy and efficient.

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